Martique Lorray is an American self-taught artist creating figurative, narrative and outsider art ranging from the mythical to the macabre. She creates characters on wood and canvas as well as forming them from papier-mâché. View artwork hereView products on Nuvango here.

Artist Statement

Photo by Jasiatic for Creative Loafing

Photo by Jasiatic for Creative Loafing

My artwork derives from a curiosity about my story. I create visual art to help me make sense of my life. At the foundation of my work are questions such as: “Why do I create a bond with another?”, “What are my personal motivations?”, and “What are the philosophies I embrace and live by?” My creations bring me closer to answering these inquiries. They are an exploration of my individual story, in which I hope to meet and understand myself.

I paint characters on wood and canvas as well as forming them from papier-mâché. These characters possess a mastery of the concepts that I desire to comprehend. Through my process of creation and “meeting the character”, I can grab hold and attain greater understanding of the often elusive answers to my foundational questions. 

My creations are allegorical, earthy, peculiar, and embody an acceptance of magic in the rational world. A brief narrative typically accompanies individual pieces or each body of work. These words connect the viewer to the world from which a character has emerged. My goal is to tap into the raw emotion of the questions and the story within me; this is the vital element to my artwork and the reason I create.


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