Migration Milepost

Art Installation by Martique Lorray

Funded by Project Art Aid's "Queen City Soup" grantCharlotte, North Carolina

"Migration Milepost" is an art installation by Martique Lorray located at Windsor Park Elementary in Charlotte, NC. The Migration Milepost reflects the origins of the children attending the school. The markers display a country, a unique feature within that country and the miles to reach that location from the Milepost

In 2013, Martique won the Queen City Soup grant provided by Project Art Aid, which funded the Migration Milepost.

“Queen City Soup” is a regional micro-grant program for emerging and established artists and community activists in the Charlotte metropolitan area. This quarterly event seeks proposals from local artists for projects in the range of $1500-$2500. The projects must have some tangible benefit to community, and projects that have a broad public impact are encouraged. Project Art Aid organizes the events, which include food and drinks, an opportunity to meet the artists, and a program where the artists pitch their projects to the attendees. Attendees pay $10-15 to attend the event, which gives them an opportunity to vote for the project that they would like to fund. The artist that receives the most votes wins the micro-grant consisting of all of the proceeds from the ticket sales.

A HUGE THANK YOU to: Project Art Aid's Queen City Soup micro-grant that provided initial funding, John Vogler for help with the concept, determining distance and direction and for support and a fresh eye with all aspects of the project, Theron Ross for the metalwork and making my design for the five foot weathervane a spinning reality, the wonderful men from Ansco & Assoc. who donated the telephone pole, installation and good ol' fashioned muscle and Dick and Louise Woods who made a generous donation when funds were short.