Paperhand Puppet Intervention

Saxapahaw, North Carolina

Paperhand Puppet Intervention is a puppet company based out of Saxapahaw, NC located on the beautiful Haw River. They create a diverse range of puppets – giant papier-mâché heads, cardboard flats, rod puppets, intricate shadow puppetry and extraordinary puppets that entertain, bring joy, instigate wonder, and inspire contemplation.

Martique began to work with Paperhand in 2014 when she was chosen to be part of the core crew of artists who created the puppets, costumes and sets for Paperhand Puppet Intervention performance "The Painted Bird", which she also served as a puppeteer.  Martique continues to work with Paperhand Puppet Intervention.

Each year, Paperhand writes, creates, builds and performs a large summer Pageant-Play-Spectacle. These performances last about an hour, include an ensemble of professional musicians who create an original score of music and involve a cast of puppeteers.

Throughout the year Paperhand is deeply steeped in the community and takes part in public celebrations, parades, weddings, civil support (“interventions”) and general acts of vivacity! They also create learning opportunities, host workshops and spread knowledge of the world of puppetry.